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Clarence Kitt

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What I believe in

Service design is ultimately about taking a complicated or precarious concept and making it more accessible. I love adding a bit of fun and playfulness to the process – to me, this is the best way to help people feel more comfortable, which in turn, is how we arrive at a place of authenticity.

Where I come from

I began my career in the fashion world as a photographer. From there I went to Hong Kong to work on event branding but when I realized I wasn’t able to be part of the amazing events I helped create—and thus unable to really connect with the people who would experience the event—I knew it was time for a change. This led to my discovery of service design which allows me to create things while connecting with people. My love for physical artifacts, game design, and storytelling have been perfectly blended into something that inspires me everyday.

Why I’m here

The best insights come from situations where I enable people to connect with each other in meaningful ways. This is only possible when my role as a facilitator disappears; when lines blur between the roles we start with and greater comfort ensues. This is impactful to both work and life—creating conditions for greater expression—and is precisely what I’d like to keep honing here at The Moment.

Momenteer fun fact

I love helping people surprise themselves.