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Kate Hale Wilkes

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What I believe in

I believe that good ideas can come from anywhere – that by providing a collaborative environment, we can evolve traditional ways of thinking and give a platform to different voices. At The Moment, I love rolling up my sleeves and tackling complex problems with others. Our research sessions revolve around direct collaboration with people – in joined up teams with our clients, with stakeholders at our clients’ organizations, and with our clients’ customers – making for meaningful collaboration in pursuit of compassionate and impactful solutions.

Where I come from

My journey to The Moment includes a BA in Human Geography from the University of Toronto, a post-graduate certificate in Interdisciplinary Design Strategy from the Institute without Boundaries, and a MA in Interdisciplinary Design Strategies from the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Ireland. During this time, while also working as a barista, I was fascinated by the intimate and genuine conversations that I had while immersed in the community, sparking a love for ethnography and human-centered research. More recently, I’ve worked on public engagement and research projects related to transportation, government, planning, financial services, education, and healthcare.

Why I’m here

At The Moment, I’m surrounded by other purpose-driven people, dedicated to rigorous and ambitious human-centered outcomes. The kindness and thoughtfulness of the team permeates our project work, challenges my notion of what is possible, and inspires me to push my design practice in many facets.

Momenteer fun fact

My keener, goody two-shoes nature was instantly spotted among an MTV casting team, who thought turning me into a rapper would be a good makeover story. After some serious conversations, I chickened out.

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