The Moment’s response to COVID-19.

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Safety Protocols and Continuity Planning in response to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has been identified as a world health emergency, and thus we are taking steps to ensure we are conducting ourselves and our business in a prudent manner. We are approaching the situation with measured care, not panic. This is a living document that will be updated as the situation progresses, and as new information and knowledge comes to light about the virus and the risk level.

We encourage Momenteers, and our community, to challenge any of the protocols below if they are seen to be not cautious enough.

Thanks to Klick Health for sharing their template for COVID-19 protocols. That template can be accessed here.

We’re sharing The Moment’s current COVID-19 status for a few reasons:

  • To share with our community an example of Pandemic Planning  for smaller organizations, or others who simply have not had the time to put something together (we modified Klick’s template, found here)
  • To transparently demonstrate our current risk assessment, and update clients, prospects, partners about The Moment’s response as the situation continues to evolve
  • To remind us that we are all in this together… we can all do our part to help lessen the spread of virus

Level 1 (Standard Operations):

  • Vigilant monitoring of any risk to the safety of our team: Situation reports here
  • Consistent use of healthy hygiene habits and practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses like influenza:
    • Avoid close contact
    • Stay home when you are sick
    • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
    • Clean your hands
    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth,
    • Practice other good health and wellness habits: staying active, managing your stress, drinking plenty of fluids, eat and sleep well
  • The WHO regularly updates their recommendations here

Level 2 (Restricted Travel):

  • Moment team members will not be travelling to CDC identified hot spots and Canadian travel advisories
  • More information on travel advisories can be found here.
  • Moment Team members will be ready to deliver work remotely internally and with clients, to remain responsive to changing conditions; we will ensure clients know we are flexible and ready to work in ways that keep us all safer
  • SOWs and contracts include a clause to indicate we are prepared to deliver work without in-person meetings/sessions with their teams or third parties
  • All non-essential travel for work should be vetted with an advice circle to weigh the cost benefit of the travel, and the comfort level of the team to travel

Level 3 (Escalated Precautions)

  • Clean common or shared devices and technology before and after use
  • At the beginning of meetings, remind each other to avoid touching our own faces
  • Use larger meeting spaces for meetings with many people, to assist with social distancing
  • Implement recommended self-quarantine practices for anyone that believes they may be at risk of being infected due to their own movement and contact in work and home-life
  • Please take your laptop home with you nightly to ensure you can work from home if needed
  • No handshakes. No hugs. Look for creative/Momenty non-touching ways of greeting one another. The toe-tap is one fun option 🙂
  • Be vigilant in monitoring whether terminating all air travel (including domestic) for work purposes will be necessary
  • During escalated precautions, we may also need to cease any in-person client meetings (monitor the situation, and raise with teammates to make the call)
  • Signage and messaging for Moment-hosted events to reduce the risk of transmission (no handshakes, social distancing, if you are sick messaging)

Level 4 (Extra Precautions):

  • Implement any/all self-quarantine recommendations (14 days) according to the WHO, and especially if a Momenteer has travelled outside of Canada
  • All client meetings cancelled and delivered remotely
  • Cancel and or postpone Moment hosted events
  • Terminate all air travel (including domestic) for work purposes
  • Avoid gatherings of 45 people or more (non-Moment hosted events)
  • Where possible, avoid being in close proximity to groups or gatherings of people, which could include public transit (subways/buses/trains), but this is at the discretion of each Momenteer during this level of precaution and until we receive a formal advisory from Public Health or any other reputable health authority

Level 5 (School Closures and/or Public Transportation Closures):

  • In the event of a location-specific government or school-specific decision to close schools, we recognize that some parents will need to work remotely to accommodate. These protocols have been activated in China and Italy, as well as some localized areas of the US, so being prepared for this is smart.
  • Momenteers with children who are designated “at risk” because of a case of COVID-19 in their school are asked to remain at home, and if possible self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • If public transportation is suspended due to the virus, Momenteers are encouraged to work at home, and or to seek other ways to get to work. If other means are prohibitive, The Moment will support remote working.

CURRENT LEVEL: Level 6 (Shift to Work from Home and Self Isolate):

At this stage in the outbreak, we must be prepared to work from home for an extended and undetermined length of time and avoid all unnecessary contacts in the community. We are doing this to protect ourselves, each other, and our community.

We are initiating:

  • Mandatory work from home for the entire office until further notice
  • Provisioning Momenteers with key studio assets to support work from home arrangement
  • Notifying all active clients of our new arrangements and communicating our assurance to be available to them throughout the crisis
  • Cancelling all client-facing or external-facing in-person meetings, moving to online where possible
  • Immediately capture and move all work in progress to online collaboration platforms

At this stage, the studio is still open and available in order to provision our remote working needs or to work while exercising intentional social distancing (2m radius) among team members.

All team members must be prepared to move to Level 7 and immediately leave the studio with everything they need to be self sufficient at home for an extended period with little to no notice.

Level 7 (Studio Closure/Lockdown):

At this stage in the crisis, we will be in a mandated lockdown and/or the studio will not be accessible.

We will initiate:

  • Mandatory work from home conditions for all team members continue as above
  • Face-to-face meetings for team members are not permitted

If the studio closure was due to an exposure to the virus on site in the studio, the following actions apply:

  • Notify respective property manager and any cleaning staff who should avoid the office for any period of time
  • Notify non-Moment contacts that we understand are at risk of infection
  • Closing the office and leaving the office uninhabited for the 14 day isolation, as the virus does not survive longer than that. Common understanding according to the WHO is that it behaves like other coronaviruses and lives only a few days on surfaces
  • Ensuring signage is placed on entranceways to the office, informing people not to enter during decontamination
  • Possible third party sanitation of our offices if recommended by Toronto Public Health
  • Gaining expert advice regarding reopening our offices


“Disruption” is a theme that’s been on the corporate radar for more than a decade. COVID-19 brings into sharp relief just what “disruption” means. It doesn’t all have to be bad news! As an Innovation Studio, The Moment is well versed in navigating disruption, quickly. We are set up to:

• Collaborate remotely
• Deliver innovative solutions, quickly
• Find opportunities where others see roadblocks
• Find the joy… no matter the situation

You’re not alone; we’ve got you. We’re here and ready to support… This is what we do. If you have questions or concerns about The Moment’s response to COVID-19, please reach out to us directly.

Stay safe out there!