The Moment 2019: New year, new outlook.

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With the arrival of 2019, our brand is finally catching up to who we are today and where we want to go in the future. The last seven years have shaped our calling, which we are answering today in new ways. It’s been an incredible journey of transformation, learning, and impact and now we’re ready to share what we’ve learned with the world.

And so, we are delighted to unveil a refreshed brand, a new website, and a reenergized focus towards making our vision of the future come to light.

In 2019, The Moment will be more visible in our communities of practice. Our point of view on innovation and its role in the world is needed now more than ever.


The State of the world.

The world is currently passing through a cycle of darkness. Values are misaligned and priorities are out of order — profit has been valued over people and the planet. GDP over human happiness. It’s been slow and systemic; a change that’s nearly impossible to recognize until it surrounds you.

As a social purpose business, we want prosperity for clients, ourselves, and our society. We just think there’s a better way to achieve it.

We are hopeful. Hopeful in the strength of people and the resolve to do what’s right. Hopeful that through persistence and foresight, we can help get things back on track. We believe in a vision where all people can thrive. Where the needs of people become the priority. We don’t expect it to be easy nor do we expect it to happen overnight. But we believe we can get there.


The Moment’s vision of the future.

When this is accomplished, we will create a future where:

  • Being human centered (customer, citizen, employee) is a way of life in all industries, sectors, and public institutions.
  • New solutions meet the changing needs of people living on a changing planet.
  • Leaders make decisions that prioritize human needs in their pursuit of creating new value.
  • Most businesses and public institutions co-create solutions together with their customers, citizens, and other stakeholders.
  • Policy-makers working in partnership with business and civil society make the benefits of all this innovation inclusive and available to all.

It is through teams of creative professionals and their leaders enacting new ways of working that this transformative change will come to be.

Until this future is realized, we will continue to evolve, learn, and adapt in partnership with our customers and communities.


How we get there.

We are fortunate to have earned the trust of great clients who want to break through and shape a better future for their organizations and the people they serve. The people who know us best always say that working with The Moment feels different.

We are undaunted by big, messy challenges. We get into the mess together, and we are there through the whole journey to create real impact. We teach what we do, share what we learn, and our clients benefit from our ongoing investment in the practices of innovation design.

The Moment’s purpose is to empower people to lead change and co-create a thriving human future.

We have attracted a smart, empathetic, and highly skilled team. They deliver enormous value to our clients while pushing their craft. Our work is never done. It is an iterative journey that enables us to build new and better innovation tools to share with the world.


Back to community.

The Moment was born and evolved from a number of communities of practice at the intersection of design, business, social innovation, technology, and public policy.

Today we commit to contributing back to:

  • Our clients and their teams
  • Our amazing “alumni” of our past projects
  • Our fellow innovation and design practitioners in all sectors
  • Our places and neighbourhoods

Our refreshed brand and new website are here to help us connect our purpose to the world, because we know the world needs it.

Happy 2019. Let’s make some change together.