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Carolynn Gaudet

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What I believe in

I believe in the butterfly effect; that the little things are the big things; and that beautiful design has many surprising and exciting impacts. I have learned that each of us can create positive change with intention when we bravely choose connection over isolation, service over self, and love over fear. I am always grateful to The Moment for helping me make those choices every day. Lastly, I believe that no matter what challenge you’re facing, chocolate chip cookies & old-timey rockabilly music will help.

Where I come from

For nearly twenty years I’ve worked for nimble creative companies in many different operations and administrative roles. When I look back, my experience is woven together by a love of service, which, for me, is the ability to support my teammates while staying true to my passion for excellence. I’ve always felt that my best work is borne from a sense of connection—whether it’s to a company I love or a team that inspires me—nothing is more motivating than rallying around a sense of purpose that we all believe in.

Why I’m here

Being part of an organization that keeps people at the centre of everything we do is so inspiring; every day I learn from my colleagues about being a more positive, intentional agent of change. As a Momenteer, I’ve learned that human-centered design is really about helping people connect – to their clients, to their peers, and, most importantly, to their purpose. I’m so excited to continue learning and growing with this team as we face even more exciting challenges.

Momenteer fun fact

When I pull a prank, I like to play the long game… I’m probably sipping an aromatic espresso & plotting something hilarious right now!