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Chelsea Omel

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What I believe in

I believe that humans have infinite potential to shape the world around us. As innovation designers, we are specially equipped to nurture collaboration in order to help organizations leverage the power of the collective to solve complex challenges. We do this by making the invisible visible and orchestrating experiences for individuals to find confidence in their own creativity.

Where I come from

I’ve helped organizations from public institutions to multinational corporations develop strategic planning, public programming, and transformation initiatives. Combining a degree in Art History with an MBA, I frequently draw on my own interdisciplinary experiences to play the role of translator between diverse stakeholder groups. Putting this into practice, I’ve built internal service design and innovation teams at a major Canadian telecom provider and a global accounting services firm, changing the way organizations incorporate design into everyday business practices.

With real-life experience driving innovation initiatives within large organizations, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to overcome barriers and communicate for change.

Why I’m here

Whenever I pursue projects, whether professionally or personally, I always seek out these three characteristics: autonomy, to direct intentions; collaboration, because we’re smarter together than we are alone; and delight, because if you’re not happy doing it, it’s not worth pursuing. It’s important that I’m a part of a purpose-driven organization working alongside a group of people who genuinely care about creating positive human outcomes and I’m excited to be doing that as part of the team here at The Moment.

Momenteer fun fact

I recently started learning to play the drums—the first step towards achieving a personal life goal of starting a band in my 80’s.