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Erika Bailey

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What I believe in

I believe in people and their power to change, build their futures, and solve tough problems. As an innovation designer, I’ve also come to believe that working with our clients, not just for them, is a powerful experience yielding markedly better results. Over my 5 years here, I have deepened my conviction that intention, action learning, and co-creation can be transformative for organizations in the way they work and what they achieve.

Where I come from

I began my career as a professional musician. Then, life circumstances led me to reconsider my commitment to a career in the arts, so I followed my other passion: large and small group dynamics and functions. I completed a Masters in Human Systems Intervention, which led me to be a change consultant – a change “artist”. I consider myself the luckiest Momenteer, having built my design expertise and capability alongside such great people.

Why I’m here

Having started at The Moment in the early days, I have had the good fortune to help build and shape the culture and the work we do. I’m ever-grateful for the wonderful team we have here – each one of us with our own talents and gifts. I have been handed opportunities to stretch, grow, and reinvent my work, and have developed new streams of my own practice and new capabilities to inspire change within our clients.

Momenteer fun fact

In 1999, with the Vancouver-based musica intima, I was nominated for a Juno Award in the category of Best Classical Album, Vocal or Choral Performance…it IS nice just to be nominated!

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