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Robert Hicks

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What I believe in

I believe the best way to solve a problem is to give those affected by it the opportunity and means to express their experience and work towards a solution with our collective creativity. I’ve come to learn that the more diverse those involved in developing solutions are the more likely those solutions are to create shared value.

Where I come from

I’ve spent my career moving earlier & earlier in the value stream. I studied design at Georgian College and OCAD University before shifting to strategic consulting where as a Brand Strategist my focus was on understanding & communicating the human benefit and purpose behind a brand’s products & services in a range of industries from finance to pharma to energy. Moving further upstream as a UX and Innovation Designer I began designing those human benefits into how products & services are experienced by people.

I went from being responsible for only my own creative output to providing experiences and tools that enable people to express their experiences and ideas towards a better future. I’ve went from designing better products and services to creating an environment and culture where collaboration can flourish between departments, organizations, and people.

Why I’m here

The people and clients at The Moment keep me on my toes and yet completely at ease at the same time. We’re always experimenting with new ways of working and different methods to solve complex challenges but we never forget the purpose and mindsets with which we undertake our work; we place the human at the centre of everything we do.

Momenteer fun fact

One million energy points from the online learning platform Khan Academy earned me a Sun Badge, the rarest class of badges after Black Hole Badges, which like their real life counterparts have never been observed.

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