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Mark Kuznicki

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What I believe in

I believe we’re here to leave the world in a better place than we found it. I also believe that the world’s purpose-driven creative and innovation design professionals are critical to shaping a better future for all of us.

Where I come from

After graduating business school, I worked in banking, both serving institutional investors and by leveraging technology and process innovation to do it better. After 9/11, I began a long journey towards innovation design – I was curious about how we were going to solve for the challenges of the future, and saw the tools we had were insufficient. As a resident at the Centre for Social Innovation, I built my innovation practices at the intersection of business design, participatory design, and systems thinking methodologies through several practitioner communities in Toronto and around the world. I co-founded The Moment to make a living for myself and others by making the world a better place for customers, employees, citizens and all us other humans.

Why I’m here

I am here to help people transition from the past in order to be ready for the future. It is a sacred duty when you are guiding leaders, teams, and entire organizations through disruptive change in a way that makes them sustainable and fit for the future. This work depends upon skills, mindsets, tools, and methodologies – but it is also about leadership, embracing vulnerability, letting go of old patterns, getting over fears, and making meaning by experimenting one’s way into the future.

Momenteer fun fact

I have been many things in my life – from my pasts as a Volkswagen/Audi auto brat, a philosophical business student, a rebellious banker, a technology and change consultant, a lapsed academic, a startup entrepreneur, a public policy researcher and an open source/open data advocate. Today I am a purpose-driven entrepreneur, design leader, innovation strategist and partnership broker. The thing I am most proud of is my work to become a better person. I enjoy sharing these experiences, learning from those who feel similarly called, helping others explore their own crossroads moments and discover their Ikigai.

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