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Simon Mhanna

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What I believe in

To overcome the challenges ahead of us we need to ask better questions and engage in a more thoughtful and valiant discourse. I believe it’s time to form a point of view on how we (humans) will co-exist with technology and AI; we need a human-centered compass to guide us through times of turbulence and transition. It is time to get together and design principles and new values that will guide our future endeavours with intention.

Where I come from

I obtained an MA in Media Studies and an MSc in International Project Management, after completing a BA in Design. I have a decade of experience working for clients and companies across industries in MENA, the Gulf, Europe, Africa and Canada, and collaborating with leaders and teams across industries from start-ups to multinationals, and not-for-profit and public sector. I teach a range of design and communication courses in various universities – I am faculty at the Institute Without Boundaries – George Brown College and OCAD University. I am also a Programs Lead for DesignTO – Canada’s largest cultural design week.

Why I’m here

The Moment is a purpose driven organization that is pushing boundaries, challenging paradigms, and setting an example for how organizations could embrace their humanity and push their practice in a stimulating environment that fosters growth. Our work impacts lives in ways we can’t even perceive. I believe our role as innovation designers and consultants is to contribute to the development of future organizations that are human first by empowering driven leaders and enabling all stakeholders and customers to join the process through participatory approaches, innovation frameworks, and designed experiences. I am passionate about the future of work and curious about how our practice can shape the various ways we work, organize, and live.

Momenteer fun fact

I won’t hesitate to play the “Simon Says” card when needed.

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