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Daniel Rose

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What I believe in

I’ve always believed that groups of smart people, working with the right process can achieve things greater than the sum of its parts. The potential to do great work is all around us – people have the wisdom and skills to solve complex problems, but many institutions are ill-equipped to do so. I believe that by spending time defining what a desired future state of success looks like, we can elevate ourselves from focusing on the problem. By breaking current models of thinking, patterns, and habits, we can help people, teams, and organizations realize their potential.

Where I come from

I have experience working at traditional companies – places with a strong purpose, great people, and interesting challenges. And yet, I hadn’t realized what my life could be until I had my aha moment. This occurred during a multi-day collaborative process that showed me the power of creative problem solving when done together. A palpable energy spread through the room, igniting a sense of creativity that came together to solve a challenging problem.

Why I’m here

I want the values that we’ve embedded at The Moment to come to life everyday – to not only provide valuable services, but to ensure that we have a place where Momenteers can live our ethos internally as well. I want to continue pushing the boundaries of our purpose-driven work, providing a nourishing place for people to come to everyday – this is how I think we can help people be their best.

Momenteer fun fact

Deadspiel, the world’s best (only?) zombie curling movie, transcends the confines of its genre to tell a tale of hope and acceptance and remind us all of the simple beauty of a rock sliding down a sheet of bumpy ice.

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