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Greg Judelman

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What I believe in

I believe that Innovation Design is about helping others to thrive and prosper — individuals, teams, organizations, families, and communities. It’s about supporting people through a journey of positive change. It’s about listening deeply to unravel the challenge and get to the root of it. It’s about providing tools to navigate the barriers that come up along the way and keep moving forward.

Where I come from

My educational background in physics and music allowed me to explore an ongoing curiosity in the intersection of art and science. Along with my experience in service, interaction, and communications design, I’ve developed expertise in collaboration, facilitation, and organizational change. I’m driven to understand how people work through systemic barriers to identify and engage new and better ways of working.

Why I’m here

I co-founded The Moment to help make deep positive change at a human and system scale. We want to prove to the world that you can thrive in a business that, of course aims to prosper financially, but just as importantly offers a place where people can learn, grow, and realize their goals while making a positive impact on the world. Our practice is continuing to evolve – we learn from every project we work on and from every person we collaborate with. While it’s taken a lot of courage, work, and investment to get here, it’s the strong sense of connection and engagement with our team and clients that inspires us every day.

Momenteer fun fact

Driven by a passion for understanding new cultures and languages as a means to enable a more powerful, intimate connection with people, I’ve learned to speak Spanish, French, and a little bit of German and Hebrew.

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