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How does innovation fit into the culture context of an organization? This has been a question many organizations, large and small, have been asking a lot lately. Whether you’re scaling up and trying to maintain your culture like Muse, or you’re a large institution trying to stay ahead of a competitive landscape, a culture of innovation can provide the necessary advantages to keep you ahead of the curve.

Building a culture of innovation is not easy; it takes a re-thinking of how people within organizations are enabled to do their work – and what work is being focused on. While the term “innovation” often gets conflated with technological ingenuity, a culture of innovation is much more complex – involving the winding and twisting dynamics of people, process, infrastructure, and environments.

So, how does one go about enabling a culture of innovation? Can it be done by one person alone – a catalyst of change? Does it have to emerge from the C-Suite? Or maybe it materializes from the bottom-up?

Key questions around cultures of innovation

The Moment’s co-founder Greg Judelman recently hosted a webcast for Connectle on exactly this topic – how to build and enable a successful Culture of Innovation. Greg speaks with innovation experts from around the world, including executives from Bosch, Amazon, and 10,000ft.

You have to enable people to make decisions. There’s nothing that shuts down a culture of innovation more than when people feel like they can’t freely and openly contribute.

In this webcast, Greg and his guests tackle some key questions, including:

  • What factors enable, or disable, innovation within organizations?
  • What are the risks when culture is not enabled?
  • How can you develop a culture of innovation?

Watch the webcast: Cultures of Innovation

Watch the Cultures of Innovation Webcast to get answers to some of the key questions about how to build a culture of innovation and hear from innovation experts. The panel includes:

Tatyana Mamut, Tech executive at Amazon, Salesforce, and IDEO

“Technology is the easy part of innovation… it’s the people part that remains really hard.” Tatyana’s tip for enabling a culture of innovation: Figure out the humans, how you’re organizing the teams, and how those teams interact and build products, and how they are incentivized – that’s the really hard part.

Dan Hoffman, CEO and Founder at

“Innovation is about cross-pollination.” It’s about taking ideas from one domain to another. If you get the human dynamic right, and bring together ideas, that’s really the essence.”

Martijn van Tilburg, CEO and Founder at 10,000ft

“When you structure work in projects, then creativity happens. Most people’s work is day-to-day tasks and stays the same. When you rethink the problems you’re trying to solve, now you have a set of constraints — and that’s when innovation happens.”

Dennis Boecker, Global IT Innovation Lead at Robert Bosch LLC

“The innovation culture is an important piece in getting more opportunity thinkers and problem solvers into our organization. Innovation culture is one of those drivers.”

Greg Judelman, Co-Founder at The Moment

“You have to enable people to make decisions. There’s nothing that shuts down a culture of innovation more than when people feel like they can’t freely and openly contribute.”

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